EggNOG is a database of biological information hosted by the EMBL. It is based on the original idea of COGs (clusters of orthologous groups) and expands that idea to non-supervised orthologous groups constructed from numerous organisms. eggNOG stands for evolutionary genealogy of genes: Non-supervised Orthologous Groups.



EggNOG. This class extends list and contains:

  1. "cogFunctionalCategories": Cluster of Orthologous Groups (COG) functional category information.

  2. "annotations": up-to-date functional descriptions and categories for Eukaryotes Non-supervised Orthologous Groups (euNOG) and Non-supervised Orthologous Groups (NOG) protein identifiers.

The EggNOG README contains additional useful reference information.


options(acid.test = TRUE) x <- EggNOG() print(x)
#> EggNOG 0.10.9 of length 2 #> ids(10): COG5153 COG5156 ... ENOG410KJ10 ENOG410KJ1P #> categories(18): 1 2 ... 17 18